Discover the Secrets of True Perseverance

Published: 19th August 2005
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Discover the Secrets of True Perseverance

Copyright 2005 Abi Motala

True Perseverance is that strength of purpose that gives

you the power to accomplish a task without allowing

yourself to be turned aside from your goal either by the initial difficulties involved, or by the obstacles that present themselves as you progress with your work. It is a form of energy which enables you to develop sufficient strength of will never to be discouraged by the labour you have to undertake in order to accomplish what you set out to do.

True Perseverance is the art of marching directly forward towards your goal, ignoring all setbacks as temporary embarrassments, great or small, and focusing all your energy on surmounting them. It is the quality found in people of an enthusiastic disposition, who, once they have discerned the favourable possibilities of an enterprise, allow nothing to divert them and can never be defeated by the occurrences that tend to hinder its successful outcome. Obstacles, far from lessening the courage of such people, seem rather to redouble it.

If you possess true perseverance, then you are the type who

is able to keep walking steadily on the path that you have chosen, despite the pitfalls that you encounter along the way. The fever of battle increases your strength tenfold and the difficulties you meet merely sharpen your wits.

You know nothing of the weaknesses which serve to defeat

those whose feeble wills go to pieces at the first

encounter with opposing forces. You do not abandon

yourself to despair and cast all the blame upon fate, which

has nothing to do with it. Remember, almost anyone can

handle success, but it takes true grit to overcome


True perseverance gives you the wisdom not to admit to your

own incompetence, and the will to attempt to change it into energy that will achieve results. You know that everything succeeds for the person who has will-power and self-belief, and nothing can ever come to a successful termination in the hands of the individual who deliberately ignores the opportunities of making every favourable slant of fortune serve its purpose.

Before you are able to maintain your course with tenacity

in one fixed path, it is indispensable that you know

exactly where it leads. Therefore, you need a clear vision

and a panoramic view of your goal. Your persistence of purpose, then, inevitably brings into play the qualities needed to hasten the accomplishment of the end that you have envisaged. Vague and wavering ideas invariably lead to decisions whose diversity is their weakness.

Your passionate focus is also the result of an idea that

you have pondered over and cherished in your mind until

such time as it has acquired sufficient vitality to be able

to transform itself into deeds. Of course, the first thing that you must do if you find yourself in a position of difficulty is to stop marching forward, not in order to retire, but to give yourself time for reflection. The ends you seek will always be the regulators of the decisions you make.

Reasoning should be the foundation of all your enterprises.

The person who engages in a fight without first having

decided that such a step was necessary is beaten before

he/she starts. What soldier would think of going to war without his weapons? In the struggle for success in life, the battle is no less bitter than on the field of carnage, and it is sometimes equally deadly.

The parent of all perseverance is the power of the motive

idea. When you are sufficiently informed about the efforts that must be made, and when you have reflected in advance upon the difficulties of the road ahead, it will be time to take up the challenge and surmount the obstacles.

If you really and ardently desire to achieve your goal, you must mistrust every suggestion that is alien to the main purpose that fills your mind. You must not lose sight of the fact that the effort of will-power that causes you to make a certain decision is, for you, merely a transitory state of mind.

In order that this state of mind may become definitely established, it is necessary that it should produce acts which will tend towards the accomplishment of your purpose. The weaklings and the incapable are glad to give it the name of "mania" or "fixed idea."

But fixity of ideas is an indispensable quality in the achievement of results. The person who possesses the gift of perseverance should, before elaborating the plan which is to be perseveringly followed, do exactly what all prudent travellers do at the time when they are about to set out on a journey.

In those cases in which the action has been prematurely undertaken you must not allow yourself to be haunted by any thoughts hostile to the successful outcome of what you have determined to do.

Additionally, before changing your original purpose, it

will be well for you to undertake a serious examination of

the facts involved, in order to prevent yourself from

embarking thoughtlessly upon a dangerous course, or, what

is a thousand times worse, arriving nowhere in particular.


This article is written by Abi Motala, CEO of Vista

Information Publishing Ltd and author of "How to Unleash

the Power of PERSEVERANCE". Articles written by Abi have

been published in both business and IT magazines.

Abi has extensive business management experience at senior levels within large companies, both in the UK and Western Europe.

Having spent 30 years in business, he has personally

enjoyed many triumphs as well as endured many traumas.

During his business life he has built a significant network

of high achievers in many fields, and has witnessed the

impact of both success and failure on his business

associates and friends.

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